#1 Yamaha FG700S


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My #1 Best Acoustic Guitar for beginners is the Yamaha FG700S. Price for price $ for $, this beautiful instrument is simply unrivaled. Lets examine why.

Playing Comfort

Acoustic Guitar fret boardOne of the most important factors for a beginner and even an intermediate level student is playability. Be warned. The wrong choice of guitar can set a beginner back months and seriously affect the progress of an intermediate player. I have even seen promising pupils give up for good.

These factors alone make the Yamaha FG700S my No. 1 recommendation for beginners and intermediates alike. The guitars action (* the free air between the strings and the fret board) means it is finger friendly for both chord forming and finger picking or strumming. *See fret board example above

Great Sound

When it comes down to sound, Dollar for Dollar the FG700S will not only see of its rivals, but also many of those carrying much higher price tags. The intonation of the FG700S is almost perfect and the solid Sitka Spruce Top makes for a warm, full tone. Note: A solid spruce top is rare in this price range.

Best Value for money by a mile

As mentioned above, the FG700S can easily hold its own with many products costing $500 or even $1000. Yamaha are one of the only brands offering such a high quality product in what is a budget price range. The remarkable FG700S is without question, the best Yamaha Acoustic guitar for beginners.

And finally: Some friendly advice

Unless your budget is restricted please don't buy a guitar below this price range, especially if you are a serious enthusiast. I can almost guarantee that given a few months you’ll find yourself regretting it. The pure craftsmanship of the Yamaha FG700S will last a lifetime and you will not want to part with it even if you later invest in another. I am fortunate enough to have 4 acoustics and my Yamaha is still my favorite play.

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Article Author: Rick Collins – Google