#2 Takamine GS330S

Takamine GS330S             

                                                                                     Takamine GS330S Demo

#2 Best Acoustic Guitar for beginners: The Takamine GS330S fully acoustic, non electric guitar is simply the best in the range, and as a result a step up in price. The delicate feel and sweet sound of this guitar stands as testament to the superb action and solid cedar top. The body is manufactured from high quality materials, and please don't be put of by the price alone because it is worth every single dollar and then some.

With the risk of repeating myself the Takamine GS330S produces a truly amazing sound. I have used this guitar both in the studio and at live events and fellow musicians are genuinly surprised by the awesome sound. The playing experiance is a match for Guitars in a much higher price Bracket and unlike many other acoustics you can play just about any gender of music you like and it will produce the goods.

Tip: Purchase a good quality string for your Acosutic Guitar. You will also find that a short period of running in will bring a new set to the optimum sound level.Finally when you feel the sound drop of, replace the strings. The time frames here depend on a number of factors. Namely how you store your guitar, and how often you play it  

Another Takamine quality design, with a Genuine solid cedar top, Rosewood fret board and laminated nato back and sides.

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