#4 Takamine S35 – Best Sub $100


Ok, so if your bucks won’t extend beyond 100 but you are still desperate to get started playing, then there is really only one choice. In my humble opinion, the Takamine S35 is far away the best sub $100 instrument out there, and believe me I have tried most of them.Despite the low price tag the Takamine S35 delivers a strong low end and good volume. This is achieved mainly due to the acclaimed Takamine style of workmanship. Incredibly, this budget Dreadnought acoustic still sports a spruce top and nato back and sides. Add to this, full body binding, chrome machine heads and the complimentary satin finish all of which help to produce maximum resonance and a pleasing sound.

Though I have listed this instrument it is important for me to point out that it is only here because of its low market price. I appreciate that many budding guitarists have limited funds making cost a major obsticle, and I do not want to see anyone miss out as a result. What I am very certain of, is that If you make progress with this guitar (and there is no reason why you should not) it will not be long before you will be seeking out a fuller more satisfying sound and experiance. The Takamine S35 is a great short term learning instrument.  

Best sub $100 acoustic by a mile.

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