The Anatomy of an Acoustic Guitar


The Acoustic Guitar has a hollowed wooden body with a circular cut out positioned directly beneath the strumming area. A wooden Finger board is fixed to the base and extends from the neck. The Finger board contains a metal rod called “The truss rod” which is used to stabilize and adjust the lengthwise forward curvature or relief of the neck

Acoustic Guitar Basics










Guitar strings can be either Metal, Nylon, or a combination of both. The strings are held in place by the bridge plate (fixed to the body) and then run along the Finger board. Each string is then connected to one of 6 machine heads which are located at the head of the finger Board.


Acoustic guitars produce sound due to a rather complicated interaction (or "coupling") between the various components of the instrument. These factors can be further enhanced by the quality of materials used as well as the method of construction, and this in turn has a large impact on the cost of the guitar itself. *

Important note: Guitar terminology can vary significantly. The finger board for example is often referred to as the Fret Board and the Machine heads can be referred to as tuning pegs . . and so on.

Body Types

Acoustic Guitars come in a variety of shapes. For example the Jumbo, Dreadnought and Classic. In general terms the smaller body Acoustics produce more treble and midrange and of course are easier to handle.

Acoustic Guitars_Body styles








Conversely, large bodied Acoustics produce more bass and are therefore favoured by guitarists seeking a fuller, fatter sound. The dreadnought in particular is much loved for these very reasons as to a lessor extent is the Jumbo. 

The Best Acoustic Guitar for beginners?

The same basic rules apply, when choosing your first Guitar as those for buying (for example) your first car. You want something that is nice and easy to drive and not to heavy on the pocket. You don't need a Ferrari (dream on) but equally so, you do not want an old clunker! Thankfully you do not have to worry because I've saved you the trouble and heartache of getting it wrong. . .

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* You can find a more in depth study of the Acoustic guitar and sound resonance via the link below

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