Best Acoustic Guitar For Kids- 6 Essential Tips Before Buying

Choosing the best acoustic guitar for Kids can be a difficult and expensive task. Get it right and your child will enjoy the experience and progress rapidly. Get it wrong however and it can turn your child kid away from the instrument for life!

The best type of starter guitar for a child is an Acoustic guitar, as opposed to an electric. An acoustic guitar is far more practical than an electric guitar because firstly it's portable (you don't need and amplifier to hear it) but most importantly it's much easier to progress from an acoustic to an electric at a later stage than visa-versa.

There is absolutely no reason to spend a fortune on your child's first Guitar! The best acoustic guitar for a beginner will depend on your child's age. A ½ size Guitar is often suggested for children between 4 and 8 years but I would still recommend you purchase a ¾ size Guitar because it's not that much bigger and it will last up until 12 and beyond.

If your child is really set on an Electric guitar then the same rules apply as in 2 above. However I would suggest you consider a bundle. This means you will get some of the essential extras needed to make an Electric Guitar a better experience, such as a practice amp, electronic tuner and DVD Tuition etc. See my review – The best electric guitar for beginners.  

Tuition: Finding a tutor can be difficult and expensive. You may also have to travel to and fro which is often extra cost and inconvenient. Fortunately there are a number of great products on the market these days that can get your child on the road to playing quite quickly in his or her own space and time.

Practice: Try and set aside at least an hour a day for practice, especially in the earlier stages of learning. This will help your child progress quicker which is very important in the early stages. Once they can play a few of the basic chords the momentum will take over and they will want to learn more and more.

Encourage your child to look after their new Instrument. They are not toys, to be thrown around. They must be kept clean and tuned regularly, that way the instrument will last a long time and once replaced can be handed down or sold on.

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Article Author: Rick Collins – Google