Blues Guitar Lessons

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The Ultimate System. Go from total beginner to advanced blues guitarist .

Guitar Fundamentals 1:
Build Core Skills and Start Making Music
Chapter 1. Correct Posture and Technique
Chapter 2. Basics Knowledge
Chapter 3. Introduction to Chords
Chapter 4. Playing Melodies
Chapter 5. Playing Full Chords
Guitar Fundamentals 2:
Develop Into A Solid Intermediate Guitarist
Chapter 1. Introduction To Music Theory
Chapter 2. Introduction To Minor Chords
Chapter 3. Scales, Chords and Triads
Chapter 4. Introduction to Reading Music Notation
Chapter 5. Simple Songs Using Chords and Scale Notes
Chapter 6. Practicing Major and Minor Chords
Chapter 7. Practicing Major and Minor Scales
Chapter 8. Introduction to Barre Chords
Blues Style Level 1:
Learn What's Behind The Blues, And How It's Played
Chapter 1. First Law of the Blues: Intro to the 12 Bar Form
Chapter 2. Blues With Power and Barre Chords
Chapter 3. Minor and Dominant Blues
Chapter 4. Blues Rhythm and Feel
Chapter 5. Start Your Own Blues Lead Playing
Chapter 6. Blues Tone and Equipment
Blues Style Level 2:
Master Advanced Blues Techniques

Chapter 1. From The Crossroads: More Blues Lead Playing
Chapter 2. Minor and blues Scales in Performance
Chapter 3. Creative Techniques
Chapter 4. More From The Crossroads
Chapter 5. Rhythm, Turnarounds and Alternative Forms
Chapter 6. Regional Blues Styles

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