Free Online Guitar Tuner

Free online guitar tuner. Just click each box to hear the corresponding note and tune each open string quickly and accurately. Bookmark this page and return whenever you need to tune your guitar.

1) Click Each Note to start – 2) Tune Note to your Guitar – 3) Click to stop

Guitar Tuner from GTDB

Guitar Tuning – Basic Instructions

Tuning your guitar is an essential discipline. It is very important that your guitar is not only in tune with itself but with any other instruments you might be playing with. Start with the thickest open string (6th string) and work your way down. You will see that the strings reduce in size until you reach the thinnest (1st string) – see chart below

E – 6th string

A – 5th string

D – 4th string

G – 3rd string

B – 2nd string

E – 1st string


    Using the free online guitar tuner

    (Make sure your computers sound is on.)

    Starting with the thicker 6th string, click the far left button on the free online guitar tuner. The correct E note will automatically be repeated. Now, pluck the thicker 6th E string and adjust the tension using the corresponding tuner knob (found on the guitar head) until the strings pitch matches the online tuner pitch.

    Now click the 2nd A button on the free online guitar tuner and repeat the procedure with the 5th A string on the guitar.

    Finally, continue the same procedure tuning each string until you reach the thinnest 1st E string. Your guitar should now be tuned correctly.

    Please feel free to book mark this page and return as often as needed

    Enjoy 🙂