Guitar Amplifier Basics

Guitar Amplifier BasicsOnly certain types of Guitars require an amplifier. Guitar amplifier basics will help you understand this further. Lets start by looking at the three most common guitar types.

  1. Acoustic Guitar: A hollow bodied guitar that needs no amplification because the sound and tone is generated by a combination of natural elements centred around the main body or soundboard.

  1. Acoustic Electric Guitar: As described above, except these guitars have one or more inbuilt pickups which capture mechanical vibrations and converts them to an electrical signal. This in turn amplifies and enhances the existing acoustic sound.

  1. Electric Guitar: A solid or semi-hollowed bodied guitar that cannot generate volume, sound or tone on it's own. These guitars will have one or more pickups fitted, normally beneath the strings and around the strumming/picking area.

Note: Though some sound can be generated by an Electric Guitar, it is largely toneless and extremely low volume.

As you can see. In the case of Type 2* and 3 an amplifier will be required in order to generate the power transmitted by the pickup(s) * Note: With type 2 an amplifier is optional only, because the instrument can also be played acoustically.

So what kind of Amplifier will you need?

Guitar Amplifiers come in a variety of sizes and power ratings. If you are just playing/learning guitar at home there are a number of excellent inexpensive practice amplifiers available. These are very small yet highly efficient units, and the sound output is surprisingly good.

On the other hand, If you are looking to play maybe with a live band then a more powerful Combo Amp will do the job nicely.

Amplifier Manufacturers

It's true to say there are many different products on the market today, including a number of copies form the far east. I would never the less recomend you start out with a tried and trusted brand. Manufactures such as Marshall produce a wide range of Guitar combo Amps suitable for beginners and pro’s alike. My other recomendation would be to look at the Fender Guitar Amplifier Range. You may well pay a little more, but you will not be disappointed with either of these Iconic brands.

Guitar Amplifier Basics – By Rick Collins 

Article Author: Rick Collins – Google