Guitars for kids beginners – Great Bundled Deals

A great range of guitars for kids beginners and intermediates . Both Acoustic and Electric 3/4 sized Minis, with a wide choice of options, including Electronic Tuners, Amplifiers, Guitar Cases, Picks & Straps etc. These budget instruments are perfect for any budding young enthusiast seeking to dip their toe in the water.


Luna Aurora 3/4 Bundles

Guitars for kids beginners

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Both Luna and Fender have established a reputation for producing some of the best guitars for kids beginners and intermediates on the market. Playability, size and affordabiliy make these guitars the perfect choice, because once your child is ready to move onwards and upwards you will have little trouble selling them on or passing them down to a younger sibling.   


Fender Squire 3/4 Mini Bundles


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Why you should not hesitate to support your Childs Musical aspirations!

The guitar is such a wonderful instrument to add to family life, as indeed is music full stop. Even if, as Parents you do not play yourself, if your child shows and interest I would implore you to give them the oppurtunity to learn. The start up cost is relatively low compared to many other modern day activities and once they master playing a few simple chords, I can't tell you what joy it will bring. Learning to play any instrument also introduces an element of self discipline which helps to focus the mind and I firmly beleive that this can help your childs general and future well being.    

Heres to you and your Child.