Learning to Play the Guitar – 7 Essential Tips for Beginners!


learning to play the guitar for beginnersThe very thought of learning to play the guitar for beginners can seem like an almost impossible task for many people. I should know after all, because I can remember watching mesmerized as my brother played, and thinking “I could never do that!” In fact, nothing could have been further from the truth. The key to success is choosing the right starter guitar, understanding the basic anatomy of the instrument and choosing a proven tuition system. It really is that simple. And at the risk of repeating myself . . . anyone can do it,  . . . no, seriously!


The road map to certain Success!

Before you start. If you haven't already purchased your Instrument I would strongly recommend you consider an Acoustic Guitar, as opposed to an Electric Guitar. The latter needs the addition of an amplifier and though it is generally easier to play due to the smoother action and lower gauge strings, practice can become a chore and less fun. You can always progress to an electric guitar once you have mastered the art of playing, in fact you'll find the transition relatively straight forward.


learning to play the guitar for beginnersChoosing the right Instrument. The best acoustic guitar for beginners does not have to cost you a small fortune. Beware though! The market is currently flooded with cheap and very nasty instruments. Choose wisely and get help from a reputable resource. You will save yourself a lot of time and money if you do.


learning to play the guitar for beginnersChild Musicians. Depending on their age and size a child may need a smaller guitar body. Often described as ½ or ¾ size, these are universally accepted as the best guitars for kids.


Professional tuition is essential. Luckily today there are a number of great online Guitar tutoring facilities or DVD's which means you do not have to travel and or pay costly private fees. Also you will be free to pick and choose a time that fits in with your daily routine. This is the modern way of learning to play an instrument, and though it can be extremely effective you will need to employ an element of self-discipline for it to succeed. Here is a link to a great tuition system which comes with a 14 day free trial ->  Learning to play the Guitar for beginners 


Learning to play the guitar for BeginnersAdditional tools and components. Check out all of the additional tools and components you will need to make your playing experience more enjoyable. Example: Plectrum (Picks), Tuners and Straps and if you intend to travel with your guitar, a sturdy protective carry case. Take a look at the complete bundle as shown in the picture on the left. It features My number 1 recomended Acoustic Guitar and it comes complete with all of the important accessories. Click here to see more 


Getting Started. Once you have every thing in place. (IE. You have purchased your Guitar and chosen your method of Tuition) Stay with it! Practice at least an hour every day (more if you have the time) and stay focused. In the early days you will notice the tips of your fingers (Chord bearing hand) will form grooves and sting a little. Don't panic, this is normal. After regular practice and playing your digits will harden slightly and you'll soon forget all about it.


Finally, please remember.. "Perseverance is king" Once you have mastered the art of playing the Guitar the gift will be become a companion for life, and one you will share with friends and loved ones alike.



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       Article Author: Rick Collins – Google