Left Handed Guitar Books

Left Handed Guitar: The Complete Method

Attention all Southpaws: it's time to turn your playing around! This ground breaking guitar method is solely devoted to lefties, and now available with a CD option.

The book comes Complete with photos, diagrams and grids designed especially for the left handed guitarist.

The book/CD pack teaches fundamentals such as: chords, scales, riffs, strumming; rock, blues, fingerpicking and other styles; tuning and theory; reading standard notation and tablature; and much more!

A must read for all left handed guitarists

Option 1 – Book Only


Option 2 – Book &  CD


Picture Chord Encyclopedia for Left Handed Guitarists

The ultimate reference for left-handed guitarists!

This amazing book features photos and diagrams for over 2,600 chords specifically shown for the left-handed player.

The book includes easy-to-read chord grids, easy-to-see photos, basic chord theory, basic fingering principles, open chords and barre chords, partial chords and broken-set forms.

This is a great supplement to the "Complete Method" as shown above, providing essential help and advise for lefdt handed Guitarists.  

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