The Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners – The Simple Facts

the best acoustic guitar for beginners"What is the best acoustic guitar for beginners?" is a question that in recent years has been the subject of much discussion and complex conjecture from both manufacturer’s, sellers and experts alike. The truth is, most of the facts you actually need. are refreshingly simple, and there is absolutely no need to be getting bogged down in a technical quog mire.

If you are seriously considering learning to play the Guitar and you are looking for the best choice of Instrument you are very lucky, because arguably there has never been a better time in history than right now to buy. But before you decide I urge you to read this article in full. Don't make the mistakes that thousands of others are making right now! Be warned. The wrong choice of guitar can set a beginner back months and seriously affect the progress of an intermediate player

Firstly: Unless your budget is drastically restricted please do not buy a cheap guitar. Now by this I mean sub $100. If you are a serious enthusiast I can almost guarantee that given a few weeks or months you’ll find yourself regretting it. Try and think of your first Guitar as an investment. If you enjoy your first Guitar experience then you will want to hang on to it, or better still pass it on to a budding family member.

Do not Purchase by color or appearance alone: This continues to be the biggest mistake most beginners make. Craftsmanship, feel and sound are the most important qualities. Unfortunately, as a begiiner If you cannot play the instrument well enough to test these factors correctly then this may seriously affect your perception of the instrument and ultimately, your ability to play it. This leaves you at the mercy of the store salesman, who frankly could sell you just about anything he chooses. Maybe last years old stock, or worse still, a below par over priced monster. (See my link below and purchase with confidence)    

Do not get bogged down with technical hype. The humble guitar is something to be loved and enjoyed not inspected with a microscope. The greatest racing drivers don't build there racing cars they just drive them and enjoy the experience. Ok, so once you have mastered the instrument you might want to know more about its construction, but that can all come later.

Just do it: If you really want to play Guitar, don't sit around thinking about it for ever. Most (if not all) able people are capable of playing the Guitar. Playing open chords (Non barred) is relatively easy, and once you have mastered those basic elements the sky really is the limit. Choose you first guitar wisely, after all you're time and money are precious commodities.

Finally: I have purchased and played more guitars over the years than I care to remember. However when it comes to recomending the best acoustic guitar for beginners it really is a no brainer. One super instrument still remains unchallenged and continues to comand my complete respect. – >  Click Here to See my Number 1 Choice

Article Author: Rick Collins – Google