Yamaha FG700s Bundles

Already established as the No. 1 Choice for beginnersthe opportunity to purchase this superb instrument with a range of important accessories should certainly be considered carefully. Each Yamaha FG700S bundle represents added value because the package price is significantly cheaper than purchasing seperates.

Each Yamaha FG700S bundle is put together with the customers pocket and needs in mind, starting with a modest selection of accessories and finishing with the ultimate full monty package. I have carefully selected the three most popular collections below. You can alternatively view the full range of bundles here Yamaha FG700S bundle selection  


  • Yamaha FG700S BundleYamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar Bundle 1

  • Guitar Strap

  • Pick Card

  • Polishing Cloth

  • Instructional DVD

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  • YB2Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar Bundle 2

  • Hard Guitar Case, Instructional DVD

  • Guitar Strap, Picks

  • Strings, Pick Card

  • Polishing Cloth


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    • YB3Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar Bundle 3

    • Hard Guitar Case, Guitar Stand

    • Guitar Strap, Ernie Ball Guitar Polish and Cloth

    • Planet Waves CT09 Tuner

    • 2 Packs Yamaha FG12 Strings7

    • 12 Picks, String winder, Yamaha Capo

    • Yamaha Basic Guitar Instruction DVD

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    The Ultimate Gift: Any Yamaha FG700S bundle will make super gift for that special person in your life or a sibling deserving of a special Birthday/Christmas present. All three of my recomended options come with an instructional DVD to get you started and of course the superb FG700S itself.    

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